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greg mckeon playgirl

This is what Levi Johnston wishes he looked and felt like holding a gun. Gay Stoner’s breakout star of last week, Greg McGregory poses with a gun along with his own gun, for this issues Playgirl spread and it’s like the gift that keeps on giving BONERS. Camping goes wonderfully wrong, in Playgirl’s College Hunks issue (ON STANDS NOW & Perfect for bathrooms) where Mark gets lost in the woods and finds more wood. Don’t you love his big ears? I just want to grab them and motorboat his FACE.
greg mckeon playgirl pics

Can I borrow some wood from you guys?

Suck a bong, and then gaze upon his wonderous wares. He must be one of those really energetic guys who can’t sit still. You know? He takes a hit and then has to do a set of crunches, or is always trying to “squeeze a run in”.

I was thinking…. man, Greg lives in Weho, I wish he’d come kick my ass into shape and be my workout partner. McKeon ACTUALLY emailed and I think he’s going to come over and help me harvest my medicine when the time is ready but until then I wish he’d be my “Bad Trainer”.

Images Via: Playgirl

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  1. Tom says:

    Sorry, this guy is not cute at all. He must have slept with the photographer lol

  2. Johnny says:

    Gaytarded much? The only decent pics of him are when he’s not looking straight at the camera and showing off his tard face. Poor guy.

  3. Trythis says:

    You can see him and his much cuter brother at buk As usual he’s a porn boy…

  4. Kaviani says:

    I don’t normally like superlean freaks, but he works. Nice legs & ass. I’d beat it up.

  5. Tyciol says:

    That Greg McKean is a sexy sexy person! I think he would be ultimately cool sexible like the Ultimate Warrior who should go on TNA and beat up Hogan who is evil now =( =)

  6. David D. says:

    Are you kidding me?! Greg McKeon is a total stud! I have no idea what you are talking about. This guy is super hot and handsome. His dick is incredible and I certainly wouldn’t mind tasting his wares.

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