Straight Ben Cohen’s 2010 Calendar For The Gays



I haven’t written in forever on the site because…. well I planted a new crop of Gay Stoner Plants, and I’ve been really busy with work and cleaning my G Star bongs out.

More sports athletes should take a note from Ben Cohen, the rugby star from the UK who’s embracing his gay fans like Levi Johnston and release a very PG calendar. How am I suppose to touch myself in my cubicle to THIS?! He has his fucking clothes on!?

In 2008, he honored his gay fans at a special night at a London club. He hopes to make a U.S. visit soon.

As for the 2010 calendar, it costs $25 and is available through his website.

No make up or touch ups on Ben he’s all BEEF STICK, and this is what you’d wake up to in the morning. Sure you’d get some hairs in your mouth- like all the time – but he’s worth it.

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